Smurf fans sets new world record

Smurf fans sets new world record
By Euronews

Ten-year-old record for most people dressed as Smurfs is broken in southern Germany.

A happy crowd has just entered history. Their achievement? Participating in the largest ever gathering of people dressed as smurfs.

Their feat took place in the southern German town of Lauchringen and a representative of the German Institute of Records was on hand to validate the achievement.

"The official number was 2,762 smurfs,” said Laura Kuchenbecker. “There were more smurfs here, but because of reasons such as missing clothing, 88 had to be subtracted."

The previous record was set a decade ago by a group of Welsh students, the people of Lauchringen had tried and failed to beat it three years ago, so their joy this time round was immense.

“We have smurfed it!” said one. "We have the world record" shouted another.

The smurfs were created in Belgium in the 1950s and became internationally famous in the seventies. Figurine collecting remains popular in Germany to this day.

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