Madrid protesters oppose Sánchez Catalan plan

Madrid protesters oppose Sánchez Catalan plan
By Philip Andrew Churm

Demonstrations in Madrid over plans by PM for Catalan talks

Huge protests took place in Madrid on Sunday by centre-right parties who are opposed to moves by the Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez to ease tensions in the Catalonia region.

Sánchez said he would appoint a rapporteur for talks with separatists but the Popular Party and Ciudadanos said such a move would be giving in to separatist pressure and called for an early general election.

Far-right groups also attended the protest adopting the slogan, "For a united Spain. Elections now!"

Campaigners for Catalan independence regained power in Barcelona in May last year after being under direct rule by Madrid for seven months.

During the upbeat demonstration recordings of popular music including Lady Gaga were also played.

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