Julen's first autopsy results reveals child suffered 'multiple injuries' in fall

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By Cristina Abellan Matamoros  with EFE
Julen's first autopsy results reveals child suffered 'multiple injuries' in fall
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The first autopsy results on the body of Julen, a two-year-old toddler who fell into a 100-metre deep borehole on January 13, revealed that the boy suffered multiple injuries due to the fall, reported EFE.

The boy landed on his feet and his arms were in an upward position, reported Spanish media.

Julen also seems to have suffered injuries due to friction with the rocky walls during his fall.

The toddler's lifeless body was found on Saturday morning after a 13-day rescue operation in Totalan, Malaga. He was found covered with soil at 71 metres from the ground, according to the first official statements.

Miners had been drilling day and night to reach Julen, into the borehole, which was blocked with soil.

The government’s representative in Andalucia, Alfonso Rodriguez Gomez, said that given the posture in which he was found, the toddler’s fall into the well was “fast”.

The earth mass covering the hole in which Julen fell has intrigued authorities. One of the most probable theories is that the fall loosened the soil from the walls of the well, which were “very imperfect, very sandy,” said Gomez.

In a press conference on Saturday, Spain’s Home Affairs Minister Fernando Grande-Malarska said the job won’t be finished until they determine the reasons for the child’s fall into the borehole.