Bordalo II street sculptures in Paris expo

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By Louise Miner
Bordalo II street sculptures in Paris expo

A Portuguese artist is turning rubbish into street art sculptures of endangered animals to highlight Climate Change. Bordalo the second is showcasing his works in Paris.

He wants to highlight the devastating impact humans are having on the environment to young people. He says the idea is about creating the animals out of things that kill them.

Bordalo II said, "The idea is not to make something beautiful out of trash, it's to make people stop and look at what's behind it. So basically we are destroying the world with our habits, with the economy that we're defending and the animals are probably the easiest way to make a portrait of nature because they are more similar (to) humans than a tree for example and they've got expressions like eyes, noses, and I think animals are easier to represent nature."

The 31 year-old has already installed 130 pieces in over twenty countries across four continents.

He finds his materials in recycling centres and rubbish dumps or out in the street.