First Read's Morning Clips: Majorities blame Trump, GOP for shutdown

Image: Union Organizers In Washington, D.C. Hold Rallies Calling For End To
Hundreds of federal workers and contractors rally against the partial federal government shutdown outside the headquarters of the AFL-CIO in Washington on January 10, 2019. Copyright Chip Somodevilla Getty Images
Copyright Chip Somodevilla Getty Images
By Euronews with NBC News Politics
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A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day.


TRUMP AGENDA: Majorities blame Trump for the shutdown, per new polls

New polls indicate that Americans are blaming Trump and Republicans for the shutdown.

A group of federal employeesare suingTrump over the shutdown, citing the 13th Amendment.

Pentagon officials are worried that John Bolton may be setting up a clash with Iran, writes the New York Times.

As Mike Pompeo visits Saudi Arabia, the administration isn't doing much to address the continued Saudi crackdown on dissent.

Trump is threateningto "devastate Turkey economically" if it attacks the Kurds.

The Washington Post offersa deep dive into the efforts within the White House to steer Trump's erratic Syria plans.

The New York Times reportson AG nominee William Barr's expansive views of executive power.

A federal judge is temporarily blocking Trump administration rules in 13 states and D.C. that would allow employers to opt out of providing free birth control.

Steve King could face consequences from within his own party after his latest comments about white supremacy.

THE DEM AGENDA: From Russia with love?

Democratic lawmakers on Sunday responded to two bombshell reports about Trump's relationship with Russia.

A report that Trump went to great lengths to hide the content of his conversations with Vladimir Putin could set up a major fight with Congress.

Democratic House chairmen are warning Trump that his comments about Michael Cohen's father-in-law could amount to witness tampering.

The New York Times reportson how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing Democrats to the left, whether they like it or not.

2020: Castro is officially in

The AP previewsthe next wave of presidential announcements.

Democratsare wrestlingwith the question of whether policy issues or electability are the most important part of picking a nominee.


Trump is again attackingElizabeth Warren, this time by invoking one of the biggest massacres of Native Americans in history.

Bernie Sanders is making moves to staff up with a robust digital media operation, POLITICO writes.

Julian Castro is in — and he says he's not fazed by critics' accusations that he's a lightweight.

Benjy Sarlinlooks at Gov. Jay Inslee'sclimate change crusade.

How long can Beto O'Rourke wait?

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