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'Gilets jaunes': Protesters threaten to storm Euronews HQ in Lyon

'Gilets jaunes': Protesters threaten to storm Euronews HQ in Lyon
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Protesters from the "gilets jaunes" (yellow vests) movement attempted to enter Euronews' headquarters in Lyon, France, on Saturday afternoon.

They told a Euronews journalist by telephone that they wanted to enter the building to "put right the lies spread by the media".

"We will be back and we will storm the building," they added.

The protesters arrived at the main doors of the building in the Confluence neighbourhood around 3 pm but did not gain access.

They waited in front of the establishment for around an hour before walking away.

Yellow vests protesters also obstructed the main entrance to the nearby Confluence shopping centre. Police set up a roadblock in the area.

Social media users reported seeing a helicopter over the city.

There were reports of protests throughout Lyon, including in Bellecour squaure — one of the main squares in the city centre.

Gilets jaunes on Bellcour square in the centre of Lyon.

The "gilets jaunes" (yellow vests) movement emerged out of anger over fuel price hikes in France and later snowballed to become a wider protest against social inequalities.

A movement not affiliated to any political party or union and without leadership or structure, the first demonstrations sprang up on November 17 and quickly spread across the country.

Watch Euronews' documentary on the gliets jaunes movement here: