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Can this 'Mad Russian' cure your addiction | NBC Left Field

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By Euronews
Can this 'Mad Russian' cure your addiction | NBC Left Field
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We have all a bad habit we want to quit — smoking, eating too much junk food — but it can be really hard to achieve.

Yefim Shubentsov, a Russian man settled in Massachusetts, US, claims he can manipulate energy with his hands to stop pain or addiction on the spot.

Nicknamed the Mad Russian, who's not a certified cotor or even an hypnotherapist, says he has cured over 165,000 people.

How? "I just move my hands you will see this and I remove pain from any distance," he told NBC Left Field.

One of his former patient concurred: "No one knows what he really does. He wiggles his fingers an erases your addition.

"I've gone all summer without smoking and I had tried pretty much everything," she added.

Watch the NBC Left Field video in the player above to find out more about how Yefim Shubentsov claims to stop addiction.

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