On your marks, get set, drone!

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By Euronews
On your marks, get set, drone!

Drone racing has proven one of the hits at the Amsterdam Drone Week event.

The controllers' use Virtual Reality goggles and a stick control to manoeuvre their drones.

And need all their wits about them, with their drones reaching speeds of more than 100km/h (62mph).

Lars Sang Mo Boom, one of the founders of the Drone Racing World Series, says that the most important skill participants need to master "is the capacity to have 3D imaging within your brain in a split of a second."

"You can have stick control, you can be a very good pilot, but if you can not react in that millisecond, then you will crash. So it's all of those skills you need to have, together with knowing how to build your drone, how to make it better and how to stay ahead in the competition," he says.

The spectators also need VR goggles in order to enjoy the race, and the same vision as the individual competitors.