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Brexit maths: how can Theresa May get her Brexit deal through parliament

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The make up of the UK parliament
The make up of the UK parliament
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After securing the support of her government, Theresa May now needs the backing of the UK parliament.

The prime minister needs around 320 seats to get over the line but she is reliant for her majority on her allies in Northern Ireland, the DUP, who seem set to oppose the plan because it includes provisions that would treat Northern Ireland separately from the rest of the United Kingdom

Prior to the deal's publication, DUP leader Arlene Foster set out her position:

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would like to see a general election and has expressed his opposition to the draft deal

The Scottish Nationalists also are not in favour of the draft deal, according to their leader Nicola Sturgeon.

The Liberal Democrats insist they will not back any deal that will see the UK leaving the European Union.

Within May's Conservative Party, hard-line supporters of Brexit say they will not back the compromise.

and those Conservatives wanting the UK to remain in the EU also indicated that they will oppose the deal.