Feeling the noise? Try opening your eyes to silence

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By NBC Left Field
Feeling the noise? Try opening your eyes to silence

In a society that sometimes seems to promote noise, are we taking silence for granted? We are exposed to ever-more stimuli to keep ourselves entertained morning, noon and night; communicating, consuming, accumulating tasks, simply going from point A to point B. Our lives appear engineered to create decibels. Can this really be healthy? Would a good dose of silence make us richer in mind, body and spirit?

In this episode of Left Field, video-journalist Sky Dylan-Robbins leaves the busy, bustling streets of her native New York to visit what the Guinness Book of Records states is "the quietest place on Earth", an Anechoic ('no echo') Chamber in Minneapolis. There she meets Steve Orfield, President of Orfield Laboratories and creator of the Chamber, who shares some of the insights that decades of study into noise have given him. For Orfield, in our quest for joy, we need to "teach people the experience of being able to step out of the world and being able to step into themselves."

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