Four-year-old boy gets parking spot for his bike from stranger

A 4-year-old boy gets parking spot for his bike in Germany
A 4-year-old boy gets parking spot for his bike in Germany   -  Copyright  Supplied/Christie Dietz
By Emmanuelle Saliba

A boy in Germany was surprised with his very own parking spot for his bike from a creative, anonymous observer

Nearly every day for the last year, Christie Dietz’s four-year-old son parked his little green bike on the same lamp post in Wiesbaden, Germany. On Monday morning, he found a pleasant surprise, someone had made him his very own parking sticker and stuck it on his lamp post.

“It was a really lovely surprise to start the week with,” Dietz told Euronews, adding that her son was very excited when he discovered it and they were both “touched by the gesture.”

Dietz, who is a freelance food and travel writer, took a photo of the bike and the sticker and posted it on her Twitter account with a message: "This morning, this sticker had appeared. Absolutely made our day. People can be so brilliant. Thank you, whoever did it.”

Her post has been shared over 65,000 times and over 282,000 people have liked it on Twitter. "I did not expect this reaction at all. It’s been completely overwhelming and I haven’t been able to read most of the comments, I had to turn off the notifications on my phone,” explained the writer.

And as far as who did it? The Dietz' still don’t know, but they told us they don’t mind if they don’t find out.

"I think it’s part of the charm of the whole sweet, thoughtful, utterly joyful gesture!”

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