Pillar of Smoke: a visual journey into Turkey's contemporary scene

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By Natalia Liubchenkova
Pillar of Smoke: a visual journey into Turkey's contemporary scene
Copyright  Çağdaş Erdoğan, from the Control series, 2015-2016

Rencontres d'Arles is one of the biggest photography events in Europe, taking place in Arles in the south of France. Around 125,000 people visit the festival from July through September each year. Some 50 artists exhibit their work in the different venues of the ancient Roman town.

Euronews talked to these renowned photographers, who showed us around their exhibitions, explaining their award-winning projects that make a difference in the world of photography.

This edition focuses on 'A Pillar of Smoke' exhibition. French designer Jean Paul Gaultier and actress Marion Cotillard visited this exhibition and it caught our eye, too. It features the work of 14 Turkish photography artists and photojournalists exploring their country’s society today. Some of the images were banned in Turkey while others escaped the censors — but it's not easy to figure out which ones were banned, and why.

Check out our video interview with the artists featured at the exhibition.

Sinem Dişli, Sand in a Whirlwind, 2015.
Dams over the Euphrates have led to inequality in water distribution among Syria, Iraq and Turkey, and the senseless use of water and soil in Urfa caused desertification in the region beyond the southern border of Turkey. The Sudden and extreme enrichment that came with the dam at the side of Urfa, the changes that are characterized as economic development are transforming the overirrigated and overcultivated plains with sandstorms that now and then comes from the desertified regions of the Middle East that are condemned to drought, and remind us that nature is a whole without borders.Sinem Dişli, Sand in a Whirlwind, 2015.