Germany: controversial large bridge ready by 2019

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By Louise Miner
Germany: controversial large bridge ready by 2019

The last section of a controversial construction in Germany has been put in place.

The High Moselle Bridge crosses the Mosel wine valley south of the 900-year-old village of Urzig.

Traffic should be able to use it from next year.

Proposals for the bridge and four lane motorway have been on the table since around thirty years ago.

It's up to 160 metres high and over 1.7 kilo metres long and 29 metres wide and cost around €270 million.

It'll connect the federal highway and will take traffic between Belgian and Dutch ports and the greater Frankfurt area.

It's the largest bridge being built in Europe and the German traffic minister at the "celebration" on Friday, says it's a great piece of German engineering.

But demonstrators fought to block the build saying it was bad for tourism and the wine industry affecting the beautiful landscape and Riesling wine area.