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By Femi Oluwole
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"Let's face it, nobody thinks this is going well," said Femi Oluwole of Brexit negotiations.

The co-founder of Our Future, Our Choice!, a British pro-European Union advocacy group for young people, told Euronews why he's campaigning for a second Brexit referendum.

Citing lack of control in the hands of voters concerning the UK's future relationship with the EU as one of the main reasons he's calling for a new vote.

"650 people sitting in Westminster, they get to decide our new relationship with the EU, you just have to sit and wait," he said.

Femi also said Britain would see a loss of control and lose influence in the EU after Brexit, adding that the National Health Service will be negatively impacted as it relies on staff from EU countries.

"The only logical and democratic thing to right now is a people's vote on the Brexit deal," he concluded.

Watch Femi put forward his argument in the video above.

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