Sleepy Montenegrins win 'Lazy Olympics'

Sleepy Montenegrins win 'Lazy Olympics'
Copyright  Credit: Etno Selo Montenegro
By Emma Beswick  & Stephanie Burnett

How long could you lie in bed for? These four Montenegrans lay on mattresses for 49 hours to win the "World Lazy Olympics".

Four contestants in Montenegro showed grit, determination and ... copious amounts of idleness as they were crowned winners of the "World Lazy Olympics".

The competition, held in Brezna, pokes fun at the stereotype that Montenegrins are work-shy.

The four winners weren't required to display any sporting prowess. In fact they did nothing but lie on a mattress for 49 hours to take home glory.

The "Olympians" broke the record set at last year's competition, which stood at 48.5 hours.

"All around the Balkans are a lot of jokes for Montenegrin people that they are lazy. People here are very brave, smart, but yes, they are lazy," said Radonja Blagojevic to Euronews, who owns the venue where the event was held.

Around 60 competitors took up the challenge, which saw them competing for a €400 prize.

The winners were named as Andjela Dendic, Milka Doderovic, Dijana Labovic and Milos Radulovic.

While participants must stay lying down on their mattresses, eating, drinking talking and surfing the internet are all permitted.

"The rules are really simple: when you lay down you can't stand up [or] you are disqualified. No toilet, no standing up, it's simple," said Blagojevic.

Anybody can compete, just you need to be an adult.

The last man lying is usually crowned the winner, whereas this year, the four victors decided to stand up together after they beat 2017's record.

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