Genoa: Rescue operations have ended

Genoa: Rescue operations have ended
By Louise Miner with Reuters
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It's after all missing people have been recovered. The operation will focus on collecting evidence for the investigation


Rescue operations have finished in Genoa after the highway collapsed killing 43 people. All the missing people have now been found. On Saturday a crushed car was discovered containing 3 people and a Romanian truck driver died in hospital at the weekend, after suffering from severe cranial and chest injuries.

The operation will now focus on collecting evidence for the investigation.

Firefighter Officer, Stefano Zanut says, "We have installed an instrument called geo-radar to monitor the movements and the behaviour of the rest of the structure still in place, this will help us understand if there are any problems or not, and how the situation evolves."

The government will now launch a plan aimed at making Italy's infrastructure safe. That's according to a government official in a newspaper (Il Messagero) interview on Sunday. The scheme will include motorways, bridges and viaducts but also public buildings such as schools. The cost of the project was not specified.

On Saturday, a state funeral was held for 19 people, including one child.

Mourners came in their thousands as applause rang out when the names of the dead were called out.

The Archbishop of the city said the bridge collapse "has broken the heart of Genoa".

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