Social media shows support of Iranian teenager arrested for Instagram video | The Cube

Social media shows support of Iranian teenager arrested for Instagram video | The Cube
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By Rachael Kennedy
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Iranian teenager Maedeh Hojabri was arrested after posting videos to Instagram of herself dancing.

Social media users across Iran have shared their support for an Iranian teenager who was jailed recently over "immoral" videos she posted to Instagram.


Teenager Maedah Hojbari, who has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, regularly posts videos and images of herself without a headscarf, which is a mandatory piece of clothing for women in Iran when going into public spaces.

Following her arrest, Hojbari was reportedly broadcast on Iranian state TV on Friday, "confessing" to acting immorally and saying her only intention was to gain a larger following.

Social media users across the world have reacted strongly to the teenager's arrest, as dozens of tweets populated the hashtag under Hojbari's name.

Many women's activists responded by posting their own videos of themselves dancing. Masih Alinejad, an Iranian activist and journalist, posted the following video of herself dancing without her obligatory headscarf.

Iranian-American researcher Reza Akbari said the Iranian authorities efforts were counterproductive to their aims. He tweeted: "What is Iran's judiciary expecting? Forcing confessions from a teenage girl and televising it will be a lesson for others? Will reduce the individual's popularity? It will do the exact opposite. Just a wonderful job guys!"

Exiled Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi said Hojbari's only crime was her want to be free to live.

A final Iranian Twitter user called out the gravity of the incident. "You idiots," he said "Jail a teenager just for uploader her dance in Instagram! World are watching your stupid beliefs."

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