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Refugees land in Rome by plane

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By Louise Miner  with Associated Press
Refugees land in Rome by plane

One-hundred-and-thirty-nine refugees from Eritrea and Somalia arrived in Rome on Wednesday morning.

It's part of a programme which aims to bring refugees to Europe by plane.

This 40-year-old Ethiopian woman is overwhelmed with emotion as she describes the terrible abuse she suffered over the years.

Nebiat Gebregzabher says, "I have put my life at risk many times. I survived only by a miracle, so I could not risk my life again trying the route through Libya. I have had so many terrible things done to me damaging both my body and my soul. I have had things done to me that I don't even have the energy or the capacity to think about. So I could not face the trip through Libya."

Italian Catholic groups and the Italian government have already flown over 15 hundred (1,627) refugees since the first flight in February 2016.