World Cup 2018: Meet Spain's superfan Manolo el del Bombo

World Cup 2018: Meet Spain's superfan Manolo el del Bombo
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By Euronews

They can travel thousands of kilometres and spend up to the thousands in euros, all to support their teams. Euronews chatted with a Spanish superfan who's travelling to root for his team.

There's very little that will stop football superfans from supporting their national team.

Euronews chatted with some of the most dedicated national team supporters around Europe. They tell us why — and how — they always cheer on their teams no matter the distance.

We spotlight Manolo "el del Bombo", who's been beating his drum for Spain for 36 years. 

Manolo el del Bombo: 36 years strong for La Roja

Spanish superfan Manolo "el del Bombo", 69, has become a legend amongst La Furia Roja fans, an institution, even, since owning "Museum of Football" bar in Valencia. Bombo has the support of the Spanish Football Federation, which partially finances his travel, accommodation, and gives access to the stadiums. The rest of his trips are paid with his earnings at the bar.

He replied to Euronews through his agent.

Manuel Cáceres Artesero, also known as Manolo "el del Bombo", began by supporting teams like Huesca, Zaragoza, and Valencia. During the 1982 World Cup in Spain, he started supporting the national team. Artesero said he feels about football in "a very passionate way".

Spain's superfan plans to attend every game with "La Roja" if he has "the health for it", he said.

Last year Manolo's drum was stolen but was swiftly recovered by Spain's national police.

Manolo also fears he might not be allowed to bring his drum inside the stadiums due to tight security — something he won't know until he tries to enter the stadium.

In terms of the prospects for Spain this World Cup, Manolo is not very confident: "There's a big rivalry, I hope Spain will end up in the best possible position and that they make a good performance. I'd love if we could be Champions again but it's complicated. I wish that people will enjoy the game of the Selección".

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