Hungarian bear eludes trackers for three weeks on cross-country escapade

Where's the bear?
Where's the bear?
By Robert Hackwill

Young bear born in wild and likely to avoid humans say experts, but vigilance the order of the day until animal is caught.

Wandering animals are in the news at the moment, but one in Hungary is proving more problematic than a stray cow.

An errant bear has been leading trackers a merry dance for three weeks, moving from north to south, and occasionally crossing roads and villages. The only barrier to his extended walkabout will be the border fence with non-EU member Serbia, which Budapest erected to keep out migrants, so there will be no bearxit.

The bear is thought to be one of two cubs born two to three years ago in Hungary's northern mountains. Naturalists believe it will roam the plains where food is plentiful until the autumn if not caught first, when it will return to the woods for winter.

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