China policeman gives elderly man a piggy back

China policeman gives elderly man a piggy back
By Chris Pilcher

Footage shows an elderly pensioner shuffling across a busy intersection in southwest China, before the lights turn green leaving him stranded in the middle of traffic.

Crossing a seven-vehicle lane would be a daunting prospect for anyone...

But here in southwest China, a plucky pensioner armed with two walking sticks took on this very challenge.

Footage from China's state television shows the senior citizen making it half-way across, before the traffic lights turn green.

It's at this point that a helping hand from the long arm of the law comes to his rescue.

A quick-thinking policeman approaches the stranded gentleman, who gives him a piggyback for the rest of the journey.

Dash-cam footage shows exactly how frightening the ordeal was to be caught in the middle of this sea of traffic.

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