GDPR backlash: The best social media reactions

Still from video by consumer protection organisation Digitale Gesellschaft
Still from video by consumer protection organisation Digitale Gesellschaft   -  Copyright  DEINEDATENDEINERECHTE.DE
By Emma Beswick

As the inboxes of EU citizens filled up with emails on updated privacy policy, the internet reacted to new data-protection regulation

Citizens of the 28 European Union member states Friday found themselves blocked from some US news websites and their inboxes were inundated with emails outlining privacy policies.

It was GDP — the General Data Protection Regulation — deadline day and companies scrambled to comply with new EU-wide data protection rules.

After the initial email surge, people across the bloc took to social media to share anecdotes and experiences:

Many users pointed out the sheer volume of emails landing in their inbox.

Tweet reads: When you tell your friends you haven't received any emails asking you to accept new privacy and data protection policies #GDPR

And some illustrated how this was making them feel.

Tweet reads: "Please, STOP."

Sign reads: "Do you accept the privacy terms and conditions?"

One person on Twitter made light of how some companies were driving the data-policy information home.

One user saw the irony of situation...

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson made a spoof of the franchise's famous opening credits, which delighted fans.

One person on Twitter found the perfect soundtrack to accompany the GDPR deadline.

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