Serbia's king who isn't

Serbia's king who isn't
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Serbia's monarchs were kicked out of the country during World War II but they never gave up the claim to the throne. Now a new political party is lobbying to bring the monarchy back.

His father was the king, he lives in the royal palace in the capital Belgrade, he lives the life of a king, but Alexander II Karađorđević remains a crown prince.

Some say he and his wife, Princess Katherine are living a charade: "I think we're pretty successful at pretending," he notes.

After his father was thrown out by the Nazis in the Second World War, Alexander fled to London, where his exile was confirmed by the communist dictator Tito.

He returned in the 1990s, winning back his citizenship and some of his titles, even as his kingdom fragmented into different states. There's even a political party in Serbia dedicated to restoring him to the throne.

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