Police praise Wisconsin boys for creative prank

The faked crash
The faked crash Copyright Cumberland School District
Copyright Cumberland School District
By Yelena Dzhanova with NBC News U.S. News
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Using a junk car, a black tarp, some bricks and electrical tape, four graduating seniors made it look as if a car had crashed into their high school.


Four graduating Wisconsin high school students expertly duped passers-by in a senior prank on Monday, fooling them into believing that a car had skidded off the road and crashed into one of the school's walls.

Seniors Konur Pasko, Cody Paul, Aidan Warner and Jacob Woodley, who attend Cumberland High School in Cumberland, Wisconsin, executed the plan after Pasko's friend sold them a junk car for $200. The boys wanted to do something with it, and they came up with what their principal and city police chief called a "creative" prank. Woodley told NBC News that all four of them work in their school's auto mechanics shop.

"We have always joked with my father that the school was a jail and once we graduated that we were going to bust out of this place," Pasko told NBC News. Pasko's father works at the auto mechanic shop with them. "That's where the phrase on the rear window of the car [CHS Class of 2018 — we're bustin out] came from."

After sawing off the front half of the car, the boys placed the half-car against the wall to make it look as if the car had crashed into the school, on the other side of where the principal's office was located. The police received a phone call about the car Monday morning, but when they arrived, they just laughed, according to The Leader-Telegram, a newspaper based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

The four set up the prank at midnight Sunday, and somebody called the police shortly after at 1 or 2 a.m. Monday, Woodley said. "We thought it would be successful but we were hoping that nobody would have seen it until the morning," he said.

The boys covered the part of the brick wall that met the car with a black tarp to create the illusion that the car had broken through. They laid individual bricks they found at Pasko's grandfather's house on and around the car to fool people into thinking that the bricks had been knocked out of the wall upon impact. The four also used electric tape to simulate skid marks behind the wheels off the car, The Leader-Telegram reported.

The boys spent the last weekend removing the car's engine and front seats and preparing it for the prank, sawing off the front. When they finished, they transported the car to the scene and set it up within seven minutes.

"By the time we left the driveway and got back [to the shop], it was 18 minutes in total," Woodley said. "We all knew we had a job and we all stuck to the job and got it done really quick."

"What they did was really creative," Cumberland Police Chief Rick Rieper told The Leader-Telegram.

In aFacebook post, the Cumberland Police Department also praised the boys for their prank. "Hats off to the Cumberland High School Class of 2018 on your senior prank. Congratulations Class of 2018 on one of best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen," the post read.

Pasko said the boys wanted to promote senior pranks "because when done right they can be a great laugh and still not harm school grounds, and I do believe that we succeeded with doing that."

The boys, along with the rest of their class, will graduate from high school on Saturday.

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