New York's "killer nanny" gets life

New York's "killer nanny" gets life
By Robert Hackwill

Yoselyn Ortega's insanity plea fails to impress jury as she is given life without parole for 2012 double infanticide in Manhattan.

The New York nanny who stabbed two children in her care to death has been sentenced to life in prison with no parole.

Yoselyn Ortega was sentenced for the 2012 murders of six-year-old Lucia Krim and her two-year-old brother, Leo Krim.

Ortega had been working for the Krim family for almost two years when she stabbed the family's two young children in the bathroom of the Krim's Manhattan apartment.

Her lawyers tried to argue that she was too mentally ill to be held responsible for the deaths, but the jury disagreed.

The mother of the two children spoke at the sentencing and said that Ortega has shown no remorse, and no-one in her family has ever contacted the Krims to apologise for what she did.

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