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Macron one year in office - his vision for Europe

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By Mark Armstrong
Macron one year in office - his vision for Europe

In a speech at Versaille to mark his first year in office France's President Macron included his fears and wishes for the future of Europe.

Much of his address took aim at critics who have dubbed him the president of the rich due to his reform agenda that has lost him support among working-class voters, but he also found time to outline his vision for Europe, to loud applause:

"By necessity, it will be a Europe of its peoples. Perhaps the 28 populations that make up the Union will not advance at the same pace, but they will be able to act together".

The president also alluded to the divisive issue of immigration:

"The real frontier that crosses Europe is the one today that separates the progressives from the nationalists. The fight is clearly set; it will be at the heart of what is at stake in the European election in 2019, that belongs to these polls, which are also turning points. And as at the heart of any threat, is born a great opportunity. It is through this crisis that we will find the keys to European power, to European independence, to tomorrow's European conscience; after 70 years of peace which have too often led us to lose sight of the very meaning of Europe".