Massed guitars beat world record for playing Hendrix's 'Hey Joe'

Some songs never age, they just mature...
Some songs never age, they just mature...
By Euronews

Poles and Hendrix fans from around the world, over 7400 of them with their guitars, gather in the Old Town square of Wroclaw in Poland to smash the previous record.

A new record for the number of guitarists playing Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" simultaneously has been set in Poland.

In total there were 7411 musicians present, from around Poland and abroad. It was a hesitant start at first, accompanied by the original recording.

No air guitars here, more an electric ladyland of virtuosos of every stripe; male, female, old and young.

The organisers then turned the recording off, and the crowd played on, increasing in confidence, until the end.

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