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Rubbish idea: the new material that could make landfills obsolete

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By Sallyann Nicholls
Rubbish idea: the new material that could make landfills obsolete
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Meet the firm hoping to make landfills a thing of the past by creating furniture and household items from rubbish.

UBQ, a company based in Israel, says it can take household waste from rubbish tips and convert it into a reusable material.

The new material can then be reused up to five times, it adds.

The firm focuses on the waste left after recyclables have been taken out, leaving a mix of unwanted, unsorted rubbish.

"It involves all your food leftovers, the banana peels, the chicken bones and the hamburger, the dirty plastics, the dirty cartons, the dirty papers, everything is in this material,” said Jack ‘Tato’ Bigio, UBQ’s chief executive.

“We have dried it, we have grinded [sic] it, and we have converted it with our revolutionary patented technology into a material that we have been able to produce flower pots, panels, chairs.”

The company believes its innovation, five years in the making, will revolutionise waste management worldwide and make landfills obsolete.

Christopher Sveen, UBQ’s chief operating officer, said: “We can take something that is polluting the environment, to something … that can support the environment, whether it's construction products or whether it's infrastructure products, or whether it's consumer products that you'd go out to a store and buy.”