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Next stop: Narnia? Fantasy locations mysteriously appear on UK road signs

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Next stop: Narnia? Fantasy locations mysteriously appear on UK road signs
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Mythical locations have appeared written on road signs in an Oxfordshire town, much to the delight of residents and the bemusement of the council.

Didcot, once labelled "England's most normal town," saw five different fictional places spring up on roundabout signs along the A4130, directing drivers to such locations as the Emerald City, Neverland, Narnia, Middle Earth and Gotham City.

Facebook/Karl Harris
Facebook/Karl Harris

While the altered signs may have put the town on the map, Oxfordshire County Council said on Monday it was concerned they could distract drivers and labelled them "vandalism".

It added: "We will investigate as soon as the weather improves."

However, recent reports suggest that there is a more pressing problem to be dealt with in Didcot before the new place names are erased.

The county council said the mythical locations would stay up a little longer, adding its "operational priority is attending to potholes on our network".

"While we will reinstate the signs at some point they are not our most pressing concern," it said.

The mayor of Didcot, Jackie Billington, was happy with this decision. She told the BBC: "If you speak to the majority of people in Didcot they're of the same opinion, it's put Didcot on the map again.

"At the end of the day potholes are more important. I'm pleased to hear the council say that. Hopefully, they'll be up for a couple of weeks."

The person behind the modifications remains a mystery.

Local media The Oxford Times said rumours have begun circulating around the town as to who is responsible with "unconfirmed sightings of 'a hooded man in his twenties' seen brazenly modifying the signs in broad daylight at 2 pm on Friday afternoon".

Whether vandalism or art, the stunt has certainly got us talking about Didcot.

Facebook/Karl Harris
Facebook/Karl Harris
Facebook/Karl Harris