'UK needs public vote on Brexit terms' - youth campaign group OFOC

'UK needs public vote on Brexit terms' - youth campaign group OFOC
By Euronews
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Femi Oluwole of 'Our Future Our Choice' tells euronews there must be a public vote on the terms of the UK's divorce from the EU.


As Brexit draws ever nearer, there are fears a UK-EU deal may not be agreed in time.

Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt has warned of a « crisis in British politics » if the UK parliament votes against an accord. He told the BBC such a defeat could lead to the election of a new government, potentially moving the country into ‘unknown territory’. However some argue that the British people should be making the decisions. Femi Oluwole of youth campaign group Our Future Our Choice agrees, but says more clarity is needed.

"Everyone should actually have an equal say. […] That future Britain that will be in five years’ time, the least we can do for them is at least offer this generation a chance to say ‘OK, you’ve negotiated in Brussels, you’ve tried. Let’s see what you’ve got, come back with, let’s see what the terms are. Let’s have a vote on that. Let’s make su re that before we get to the point of no return, we actually have a chance to return”, he said.

Speaking over the weekend, UK Prime Minister Theresa May warned there would be no second referendum on the divorce from the EU.

“There needs to be a public vote on the terms of withdrawal from the EU. […] It’s not a ‘second referendum’. Because, in the first referendum, we didn’t know what those terms were going to be. We still don’t know. In fact, three quarters of the UK population has no idea what Theresa May wants from Brexit. And, quite frankly, I don’t think she does, either. So, to say it’s a simple re-run of the first one is factually inaccurate, because we simply know more now.”

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