Belgium considers law to allow owners to be buried with their pets

Belgium considers law to allow owners to be buried with their pets
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By Vincent Coste
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MPs in Belgium are set to present a bill to parliament that will allow pet lovers and their companions to be laid to rest together, if passed.


Politicians in Belgium want to change the law to allow owners to be laid to rest with their animal companions—an option that isn't available in many European countries. The Flemish Socialist Party (Socialistische Partij Anders or sp.a.) plans to make the case to parliament that masters and their pets should also be allowed share a funeral, provided they are cremated. 

MP Rob Benders, who’s leading the charge, added that their ashes could be placed in the same urn if the law is passed.

When pressed by local media, he explained that pets are family and it would be “a pity” to separate their owners from them, even after death.

In most European countries it is difficult or completely forbidden to bury animals alongside humans in traditional cemeteries, but plots reserved for deceased dogs and cats may be found in some burial grounds. 

In most cases however, deceased pets are interred in pet cemeteries that exist throughout Europe. In Belgium and France, burial fees range from €100 to €600. But low and no-cost options are also available, like virtual animal cemeteries

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