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If you're going to fall on ice, here's how to do it safely

People walk on a snow-covered street. Copyright Sergey Dolzhenko EPA
Copyright Sergey Dolzhenko EPA
By Emily Slawek with NBC News
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There isn't a magical trick we can give you never to fall again. But if you are going down, you might as well commit to it and make it safe.

We've all been there — the moment when we walk too fast on an icy day and lose our balance and know that we are going down. Hard. Unfortunately, there isn't a magical trick that we can give you never to fall again. Or to fall gracefully.

But if you are going to fall, you might as well commit to it and make it safe.

We talked to Femi Olagoke, a professional stunt performer, who told us some of his best tips for falling safely.

Bend your knees

If you know you are going to fall, the best thing you can do is get closer to the ground. Think about it — falling from six feet off the ground will be more painful than falling from two feet off the ground.

So bend your knees. It'll instantly reduce the distance of your fall.

Keep your arms away

If you are about to fall, your natural reaction may be to use your arms to catch yourself.


Using your arms to help break your fall may work at times, but it also may break your arm. Instead, cross your arms over your chest or simply keep them away from your body, so that they won't be crushed by the weight of the fall.

Fall on your side

If you can, try to fall on the side of your body.

Tuck your head

Most importantly, protect your head! Tuck your chin to your chest to help prevent your head from hitting the ground.

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