Backlash in Belgrade over Christmas tree cost

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By Euronews
Backlash in Belgrade over Christmas tree cost

Authorities in the Serbian capital Belgrade are facing a public backlash over the cost of the city's fake Christmas tree.

At a whopping 83,000 euros, the high price of the 18-metre artificial tree has sparked uproar with claims its price is four times that of the one outside the Rockefeller Center in New York.

Both locals and opposition politicians have cried foul, accusing the city's authorities of corruption.

"This is not only the most expensive plastic Christmas tree in the world, it's also an insult the like of which Belgrade citizens have not experienced in their history," opposition politician Balsa Bozovic declared.

Despite the public prosecutor's office reportedly launching an inquiry, many in Belgrade have been left both baffled and outraged at the cost.

"The price is high, really unbelievable. I could not believe it. It is unbelievable how shameless the authorities are," one man said.

Another man said: "The one who bought it should be held responsible."

Belgrade's mayor has insisted he was unaware of the price and has promised to cancel the deal.

For the moment at least, however, that appears to have done little to quell public anger.