Trump warns of challenges from Russia and China in national security address

Donald Trump outlines his National Security plans
Donald Trump outlines his National Security plans
By Euronews

Delivering his outlook for US national security, President Trump spells out his "America First" priorities.

President Donald Trump has declared that the US faces growing competition from Russia and China on several fronts as he laid out his new national security strategy.

Addressing around 650 people including the military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, lawyers, politicians abd business people, Trump's plans reflected his "America First" priorities.

"We also face rival powers Russia and China that seek to challenge American influence, values and wealth. We will attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries but in a manner that always protects our national interest."

Using populist language Trump's speech was more up beat than the actual 55-page document .

The text describes a world echoing the Cold War with "China and Russia using technology, propaganda, and coercion ..... and accusing them of making their economies less free and less fair, to grow their militaries .....and stressing the US will no longer turn a blind eye to cheating or economic aggression..."

But Trump ended on a familiar rallying call:

"Less than one year later, I am proud to report that the entire world has heard the news and has already seen the signs, America is coming back and America is coming back strong."

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