Want to live the dream and buy your own Alpine village? Here's how...

Want to live the dream and buy your own Alpine village? Here's how...
By Euronews

The tiny German village of Alwine in Domsdorf goes under the hammer this weekend

Ever dreamed of owning your own alpine village?

Well one lucky person has just won an auction held by the German town of Uebigau-Wahrebruck for Alwine, an idyllic rural getaway, although it's very run-down, according to its 15 residents. “When I go upstairs, it really sucks how smashed up everything is, there’s filth, and all the fixtures and fittings are exposed," said Alwine resident Paul Urbanek.

Alwine's houses may've fallen into disrepair but a handful of people remain because of cheap rents. So  Domsdorf's municipal administrators say the ambitious owner will have his work cut out to make a go of things.

“Actually, the wrecking ball has to use its force here. You cannot do anything else here,” said Domsdorf councillor, Peter Kroll.

Authorities have been tight lipped about the selling price but it's widely believed to have fetched 140,000 euros.

The 16,000 square meters area, part of the town of Uebigau-Wahrenbrück, is situated roughly two hours drive from Berlin in rural Brandenburg. It was originally developed in the 19th century as factory buildings for the nearby coal mine; at the start of the 20th century the buildings were converted into residential buildings which during the era of the former German Democratic Republic were state-owned.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the area became the responsibility of the “Treuhand” (the trust agency responsible for the privatization of GDR property) which sold it to two brothers in 2001.

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