Cubans vote in local elections

Cubans vote in local elections
By Tokunbo Salako  with Reuters

Millions of Cubans vote in local polls, the only publically contested part of the electoral process

Cuba has taken another step towards the end of the Castro era, with millions of residents

voting for ward delegates to municipal assemblies.

Sunday's poll came a day after the first anniversary of the death of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.

It also precedes another vote next February for provincial and national assembly deputies.

Cuban opposition urge voters to boycott "sham" poll

The new national assembly, where 50 percent of the deputies must be ward delegates,

is expected to select a new president to replace Raul Castro, Fidel's 86-year-old younger brother,

who has said he will step down after serving two five-year terms.

Cuban officials hail election process

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