New York truck attacker indicted

New York truck attacker indicted
By Euronews

Sayfullo Saipov appeared in charge on an indictment sheet that numbered 22 counts

It was the deadliest attack in New York since 9/11. On 31 October, a rented truck ploughed down a bicycle lane and crashed into a school bus close to the World Trade Center, killing eight and injuring 12.

The man believed to have carried out the attack, 29-year-old Uzbek immigrant, Sayfullo Saipov, has been indicted in court on an indictment sheet that totals 22 counts.

He appeared handcuffed in a wheelchair, after gunshot wounds sustained during his arrest at the scene. The court heard that he had requested that an ISIS flag be hung in his hospital room.

Concerns about the impartiality of proceedings had previously been raised after President Trump publicly called for the execution of Saipov.

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