Germany legally recognises 'third gender'

Germany legally recognises 'third gender'
By Euronews

Germany's top court has ruled that people must be given an option other than male or female

Germany’s on course to become the first European nation to give people the option of choosing a third gender on their birth certificates.

The country’s top court has ruled intersex people must have a choice if they neither identify as male or female.

The case was heard by the constitutional court in Karlsruhe which heard from a registered female whose chromosome test confirmed they were neither one sex nor the other.

Judges ruled that current regulations on civil status are discriminatory against intersex people.

That category is likely to be called “inter” or “various”. A spokesperson for the German government said it fully intends to comply with the ruling.

It now has until the end of 2018 to pass a law specifying a category other than male or female.

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