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Exhibition brings Van Gogh to life

Exhibition brings Van Gogh to life
By Euronews
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There are paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, but this is no ordinary exhibition. Visitors to Van Gogh Alive in Athens are surrounded by a symphony of light, colour and sound. And his masterpieces come to life as they experience the sensation of walking directly into the paintings.

The Van Gogh Alive organisers says the artist was a natural choice for this type of exhibition.

“We chose the subject matter of Vincent Van Gogh, because he is such an iconic artist,” says Rob Kirk, Director of Grande Exhibitions. “He has such vibrant art and he is world renowned and the combination of projecting that technology large scale combined with the music of the experience, creates a very emotional and unique experience for visitors.”

Visitors can also examine Van Gogh’s sources of inspiration via photographs and video displayed alongside his works. But for many, the greatest pleasure will be letting waves of sights and sounds wash over them.

“This sensational exhibition which combines art with technology, offers us an experimental and emotional journey, through which we have the chance to get to know the overall work of Van Gogh and his history,” says Klelia Avatagelou, Euronews correspondent, Greece.