Twitter employee deactivates President Donald Trump’s account

Twitter employee deactivates President Donald Trump’s account
By Katy Dartford

U.S President Donald Trump’s Twiiter account was shut down for 11 minutes by a rogue Twitter employee on their last day in the office.

For a brief time on Thursday evening, the world saw what life would be like without Donald Trump being on Twitter.

The U.S President’s prolific @realDonaldTrump account disappeared for 11 minutes.

Anyone trying to access it was given an error message saying the user “does not exist.”

Fellow tweeters wondered if the leader of the free world had been hacked or banned by the social-media giant.

At first Twitter said that it was just “human error.”

But later, they revealed that one of their employees on the last day of their job deactivated the account.

Trump was soon back on Twitter after his brief time-out, but didn’t immediately comment on his short social media blackout.

There have been continuing calls for Twitter to suspend Trump’s account, particularly when he made threats to North Korea and most recently on Thursday by reiterating his view that the terror suspect in custody over the New York truck attack should get the death penalty.

However, Twitter normally does this by marking the profile with the message “account suspended”.

Before Twitter’s statement, some speculated that Trump himself may have deactivated his account.

He has been criticized in the past for having poor security standards, continuing to use an old, unsecured Android phone when he moved into the White House instead of trading it for a secure, encrypted device approved by the Secret Service.

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