New glass skywalk opens in China

New glass skywalk opens in China
By Euronews

A new glass skywalk has opened in China's East Taihang Scenic Area. The skywalk in 226 metres long and two metres wide and 1180 metres off the ground.

A newly-opened glass skywalk in the East Taihang Scenic Area in China offers tourists a chance to get a stunning or terrifying experience.

The skywalk is built 1180 metres above sea level and it 226 metres long and only two metres wide.

Tourists are in for a shock when at one stage the glass below them cracks and is accompanied by sound effects.

Yang Zhiqiang, a staff member with East Taihan Scenic Area said: ‘’ This effect is controlled by the weight of a human body. When one steps on it, the computer will make the glass look and sound cracked’‘.

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