[Watch] Ten-year-old joyrider in high-speed car chase

[Watch] Ten-year-old joyrider in high-speed car chase
By Euronews

It's a high-speed chase with a difference.

A high-speed chase has taken place in the US, but not in the way you might imagine… Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers were in pursuit of a ten-year-old boy driving at speeds reaching 160 kilometres per hour. And it’s reportedly not the first time it’s happened.

Police say the child took the family vehicle from their home in the morning. Initial reports suggested his mother may have tried to catch him in another vehicle, before officers, then patrol troopers took over.

The joyrider tried to outsmart his pursuers by driving through a ditch to avoid being boxed in, but then the car got stuck bringing the escapade to an end. He reportedly put up a struggle before eventually being taken into custody unharmed.

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