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Merkel furious over May-Juncker dinner leaks

Merkel furious over May-Juncker dinner leaks
By Ana De Oliva
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The German chancellor may be furious after an account described May as desperate over Brexit negotiations.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel may be furious over the leaks of details on last week’s dinner between British Prime Minister Theresa May and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

On Sunday, a German newspaper published an account of the meeting, which said May had “begged for help” from the European Commission president.

The article also described May as appearing “anxious, despondent and disheartened” during the dinner.

Following this account, The Times said Merkel is worried Brexit talks will be jeopardized, which would mean a blow for European economies and could lead to Theresa May being replaced.

A source told the newspaper that although the German chancellor has “lost patience” with the British Conservatives, she would hate for Theresa May to be replaced while the Brexit negotiations are still taking place.

Yesterday, May said she is ambitious and positive about Britain’s future outside the EU and that “important progress” was made during Brexit negotiations in Brussels last week.

In regards to the allegations made by the German newspaper, Jean-Claude Juncker said claims that May was “tired”, “tormented” and “politically weak” were false.

The source of the leaks has not yet been revealed. May’s ex-adviser Nick Timothy accused Mr Juncker’s Chief-of-Staff, German lawyer Martin Selmayr, of being the source. In a tweet, Selmayr denied the accusation that he had “no interest in weakening the PM”.

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