What does the world most want to learn how to do on Google?

What does the world most want to learn how to do on Google?
By Selina Sykes
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Google has revealed the top 10 most-searched questions across the world


Nowadays Googling something – whether to resolve a bet with a friend or on the sly under the table at a pub quiz – has become a daily occurrence.

From getting the latest football scores to checking what’s on at the cinema, millions of internet browsers surf on Google to get information every year.

But what are the top Google searches?

The internet giant has seen ‘how to…’ searches increase by more than 140 percent since 2004, with many searches inquiring how to fix things – from a light bulb to a washing machine.

In almost every country the top ‘how to fix…’ searches were about walls, doors and windows.

Besides from fixing things, people also turn to the search engine for many essential everyday queries – from how to boil an egg to how to tell if your crush likes you back.

The most common ‘how to…’ searches included questions about cooking, love and relationships, life admin and health.

The most-searched question around the world is ‘how to tie a tie’, followed by ‘how to kiss’ and ‘how to get pregnant’.

Popular cooking questions included a range of healthy and not-so-healthy options, from how to cook a turkey, asparagus and quinoa to how to make ice cream, jello shots and bake a cake.

A lot of people seem to turn to Google instead of friends and family for advice on their love lives, with people searching ‘how to kiss’ and ‘how to get a girl to like you’.
Other common questions included ‘how to get a passport’ and ‘how to save money’.

Some searches peak at certain points in the year, with ‘how to lose weight’ being most searched in January and ‘how to ask someone to prom’ peaking around the end of the school year.

Google has also seen certain searches go viral according to the latest trends.

For example, ‘how to do the cup song’ peaked in 2012 straight after release of the film Pitch Perfect, in which Beca auditions for everyone’s favourite all-girl acapella group using just her hands and a plastic cup.

The top ten global Google searches are:

1. How to tie a tie
2. How to kiss
3. How to get pregnant
4. How to lose weight
5. How to draw
6. How to make money
7. How to make pancakes
8. How to write a cover letter
9. How to make french toast
10. How to lose belly fat

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