Iraqi forces retake Mosul hospital

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By Euronews  with AGENCIES
Iraqi forces retake Mosul hospital

Iraqi forces continue to eradicate so-called Islamic State positions in Mosul as national politicians reach out to the population who have suffered under the militants since 2014.

The army’s Rapid Response division have retaken the city’s biggest hospital on the western side of Mosul.

The building has been ravaged by war, over recent weeks a number of ISIL snipers have been perched on the roof of the medical centre, formally the best in Mosul.

The small force held hundreds of Iraqi troops at bay for weeks.

Those militants that remain are trapped in the Old City a few hundred metres away and have vowed to fight to the death.

Iraqi forces began the battle to liberate Mosul in October of last year, the second largest city in Iraq was overrun by ISIL in a matter of days.