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Watch: Bear stuns worker after wandering into Alaska store

Watch: Bear stuns worker after wandering into Alaska store
By Chris Harris
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This is the rare moment a bear strolled into an off-licence in Alaska.

Roger Thibodeau, who works part-time at the Liquor Barrel in Juneau, told Euronews he was at the cash register when he noticed what he thought was a large dog walk in.

“As soon as I saw the bear snout I exclaimed ‘oh sh**’,” he said. “I was stunned and very nervous.

“It then attempted to sniff at the candy rack on its hind legs, before Robb (a customer) started yelling at it and clapping loudly to scare it away.”

Thibodeau said it was the first time he’d ever heard of a bear wandering into a store in the town.

“When I saw that it was a smaller bear I was concerned mama might be close by and that would not be good.

“I actually wanted to get my phone and video it but I was too shaken to get my wits about me.”

“By the way, the real reason we kicked him out was bc he was under age and had no proper identification!”

The footage was captured on security cameras in the shop, which is owned by Roger’s cousin, Pete.

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