Aleksandar Vucic sworn in as Serbian President

Aleksandar Vucic sworn in as Serbian President
By Tokunbo Salako

Aleksandar Vucic has taken office as Serbia’s President after his decisive election victory last month.

It’s a largely ceremonial post, but he is expected to wield considerable power through his control of the ruling Progressive Party and their allies in the coalition government.

Taking his oath of office, Vucic said: “I swear to invest all my powers in the preservation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia, including Kosovo and Metohija, its integral part.”
He also pledged to protect “human and minority rights and freedoms, respect and defend the Constitution and laws; and preserve peace and prosperity for all.” He also added that he would carry out his “duties in a conscientious and responsible manner.”

As Vucic took his oath of office for his five-year term, several organisations and movements tried to march on the National Assembly to demonstrate against his election but they were prevented from doing so by police who said they didn’t have the necessary permission.