European films at Cannes

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By Frédéric Ponsard
European films at Cannes

Every year, the Cannes film festival welcomes the European Commission, which supports the Media programme in order to bring the main players – producers, distributors and artists – together in one forum.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

euronews met Ed Guiney, the producer of one of the films funded by the Media programme, Yorghos Lanthimos’s The Killing of a Sacred Deer, which is in the running for the Palme d’Or.

For Guiney, the European Commission funding was key:

“I’m feeling very optimistic because It think Culture is such an important part of the European identity, so important to preserve. And I think what we’ve built through Media of the last 20 years is a real strong community, real strong cross community of filmmakers and people who want to work together, and it’s so important to preserve that, so important for our Culture, and for our future.”

Combating US dominance

Faced with the US dominance of the European film market, the aim of the Media programme is to develop long-term links and cooperation within Europe.

In 2014, a new Creative Europe programme was established to ensure that films funded by the media programme received maximum distribution in European cinemas until 2020.

In the future, digital platforms will be key to the development of Creative Europe.

Maximising distribution

Lucia Recalde, Head of the Media programme, said that:

“The aim of the media programme is to support European creation, but above all to support the circulation and distribution of European content throughout all the territories of the EU. And we do that by supporting the distribution of films, but also the cinema networks, particularly Europa Cinema, which allows us to have better access to the best cinema throughout Europe.”

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