Watch euronews' French election VR experience

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By Euronews
Watch euronews' French election VR experience

After covering the French presidential campaign with an innovative series of 360° portraits of voters, Euronews takes you back into their home, to hear their reactions to the election’s result. In this exclusive VR experience, you will be able to hear again from them: what do they think about the new president, Emmanuel Macron? What are their hopes for the next five years?

On mobile, navigate by looking around with a headset/Cardboard and gazing at faces and icons. On desktop, use the mouse to navigate by clicking and dragging the cursor on faces and icons.

The French election VR experience has been produced by Euronews and German startup Vragments GmbH to explore the potential of the new platform Fader. The innovation team of Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster, provided support as a consulting and dissemination partner.