Trump approaches 100 days in power

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By Euronews
Trump approaches 100 days in power

This Saturday, marks Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office.

For American presidents, this is an important period: Usually Congress is willing to make its biggest concessions while the new president is still popular.

Trump, who has been in near constant conflict with the traditional media, used Twitter to criticise the “ridiculous standard” while insisting he has achieved a lot.

But what has he achieved from his own 100-day action plan to Make America Great Again?

He started at high speed, signing 25 executive orders and 28 bills into law, more than most modern presidents.

He was successful in getting Senate approval for his Republican nominee to join the Supreme Court.

But his orders have had little impact and he’s failed to deliver on many campaign promises.

He failed in abolishing Obamacare, congressional opposition has so far blocked his plans.

While Trump’s immigration ban for people coming from mainly Muslim countries faced a lot of resistance.

“This is the protection of the nation from foreign terrorists entering into the United States. That’s big stuff.”

Overshadowed by numerous protests, the initial orders were stopped by federal judges within days.

When it comes to the wall in Mexico, it still remains unclear how the project will be financed.

After concerns about his approach to foreign policy and pledges to withdraw the US from its role on the international stage, he appears to be taking a more conventional tone.